Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What A Great Day!

Well, yesterday was a fantastic day!

Not only did I post my very first afghan square design, 6" Sunburst Square, but not long after that, I received an email from letting me know that they had featured my square on their site! Isn't that the most exciting news? What a way to start my day today! :)

I was also able to finish up the Noah's Ark baby blanket I've been working on. This isn't my own design, it came from Annies Attic, but I adore the look of it. I'm overall happy with the result, although my house is a bit lopsided. I figure the ark must be on a wave, so that explains it. Right? :)

And finally, I started on my very first baby blanket design. I'm going to need more yarn, which I'll pick up this weekend, but I'm very excited about how it's turning out so far. It's a nice basic design for the body, but it's the added little extras (that I'm not telling you about, you're just going to have to wait to see!) that will really make the blanket extra special.

Now, if I can just keep myself and the rest of the house healthy, I should have the body of the blanket done this weekend. We've had a bad chest cold go through the house. I've managed to avoid it so far, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to. I'm not feeling well at all this morning, and I'm afraid it may have finally caught up with me. I'm stubborn though, so the virus and I will have to duke it out today and see if I can come out on top again. :)

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