Thursday, January 6, 2011

365 in 2011 Challenge

I found out about this challenge on January 2nd, so I was a bit late getting started but I am on a roll now!

If you're not familiar, the concept is simple. You take a photo every day and post it somewhere. There are plenty of groups and websites out there that you can use, or you can post on your blog. Right now, I'm posting to Shuttercal, Flickr, and a group on Ravelry. But what I really wanted was a place to have all my photo's together that was mine, I could customize the site as I wanted etc. Then I remembered. I have a blog! :)

So, I'm going to be using this blog to showcase my daily photo's. Some are good, some not so much. But this will be a great way to not only show off my pics, but also keep myself accountable to my blog which is really quite sorely neglected.

We're already on Day 6, so I'm going to put all the photo's to date in one post, then afterwards, each photo will have it's own day.

Without further ado, or chatting from me, here is what I have so far!

Day 1 - Peeping Tom
This is my tom cat, Tom, peeking at me from the top of the stairs.

Day Two - Sammy
My adorable chihuahua puppy, Sammy, taking a nap.

Day Three - Boo
A pensive kitty...

Day Four - He See's You When You're Sleeping.
The creepiest Santa decoration I've ever seen!

Day Five - Charlie and Caesar
I'm not very happy with how blue this shot turned out, but I love the action of Charlie jumping over Caesar.

And that get's us all up to date. I'll have a new photo for today to post later.

It's a lot of fun! If you enjoy taking photo's and would like to challenge yourself, this is a great way to do it. :)

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