Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Surprise Visit!

Yesterday I was sitting in the living room, crocheting away, while my son was baking peanut butter cookies. (isn't he a good boy? LOL!)

He said something to me, but I thought, no, I couldn't have heard that right! There's no way he said what I thought he said. So, I asked him to repeat himself. Sure enough, he had said what I thought I heard.

"Mommy, there's a horse walking up our driveway!"

They visited with us for a while, walking around our front and back yard, visiting with Otis, our goat. Then, in his excitement my son spooked them and they ran off before their owners could come get them. They didn't go far, just to the field across the road, though, so it wasn't a problem to catch them.

It was certainly an exciting half an hour or so. Even living in the country, this isn't something that happens every day. I've had cows in my front yard, but never a horse. :)

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  1. Those horses look like they are enjoying a good long winter break! Not sure if I could ever use a crochet dishcloth as you make here - I would want to frame and display them in the house instead - all that hard work!


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