Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday, Monday

Welcome to Monday, January 17, everyone! According to a story on CTV News, this is apparently the most depressing day of the year. Isn't that just such a cheery thought? LOL!

So, lets think of a few ways we can beat the blues, shall we?

1. As always, grabbing a hook and yarn is a fantastic way to beat the blues, any day of the year! Today, though, make something bright and colourful and fun, and just for you!

2. If you have snow, throw a few snowballs at a tree. It's fun, trust me!

3. Call a friend and set up a time to meet for coffee or tea, or even go out to lunch. Talk about good times you've had.

4. Call your mom and tell her you love her. It will give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

5. Take a trip to your local SPCA and walk the dogs or pet the kitties.

6. Do something completely silly and out of character for yourself; make a snow angel, sit and talk with a stranger at the bus stop, pay for someone in line in front of you at the coffee shop, just make sure it's something that will make you happy.

Those are just a few ways to maybe help you beat the blues today, if you have them. If you don't then spread some of your cheer! You never know who might be out there that needs it today.

Stay tuned, everyone! Later this week I'll have another new pattern for you!

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