Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Season Is Almost Over. Where Did The Summer Go?

It's just about time for the boy's last baseball game of the season. I cannot believe how fast the summer went. He plays tonight then the tournament is on Saturday.

He does love playing ball. He's been playing since he was 3. He's never really been all that good, but lets face it, he's not going to the major leagues, this is just kids playing ball. :) Last year, though, his coach gave him the opportunity to try pitching. Well, holy crow, who knew my son had such a great arm on him! His first time on the mound he pitched three up three down. He doesn't do that good every time, but he's a good sight better than anyone else on his team.

This year though, they're more playing just for fun than to win. Which works well for us. We're not overly competitive people, and we were sure to raise our kids the same way. Make no mistake, they do like to win, but if they don't it's not the end of the world.

Two weeks ago I went to my first quilting class. We made a really cute quilted heart decoration. I'll post photo's tomorrow. We were able to get the templates for the heart pieces, so guess what I did today? I made another one! It took a bit of figuring to remember how all the pieces fit together, but once I did, it went together perfectly! I'm so excited, really. :) I really want to be able to make some nice quilted items for Christmas presents, so the better I get the better chance I have of that happening. But then, I'm a bit pigheaded, so chances are I'll get it figured out.

Tomorrow, I'll post photo's of both hearts and links to two new patterns I found today for possible Christmas patterns.

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