Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night (Afternoon) Sew In

Once again, I wasn't able to sew last night, which meant I had to do it in the afternoon instead. I had the boys last night, so I kind of had to be responsible and not leave them to their own devices. :)

But, I had an amazingly successful FNSI!

I completed my very first ever quilt! It's a mini quilt, but it's my first and I'm so very, very proud of it!!

It may not be perfect (and actually, it's really not! LOL!) but it's very, very special to me. :) There will never be another first quilt.

I also finished putting together the squares for The World's Ugliest Quilt. Avert your eyes, if you must. I completely understand.

Now, I need to add a border to it to square things up a bit, then quilt and bind it and it's done!

Lastly, I was able to sew up 6 sets of 6 strips

These will be sewn into tubes, then cut into 2.5 inch strips. Those strips will then be sewn together into squares like this

Which will then be sewn together to look something like this Scrappy Trips Around the World quilt. I'm making this one for hubby, hopefully for Christmas.

That's all I managed to get done, but I'm very proud.

I'm not sure how much more I'll manage to get done. I'm sick and miserable and I'm on the road all day today and have company all day tomorrow. So, I'm thinking the sewing machine won't be seeing much of me this weekend. :(

Have a fantastic day!


  1. You did Excellent! I'm inspired, and need to get busy with my projects. Good job!

  2. Looks to me like you did a lot on Friday. Hope you're feeling better and enjoying the weekend now.

  3. You got a lot accomplished Friday hope you feel better.

  4. Sounds like you are having great fun! Love your first quilt!


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